Giant Light Up Love Letters For Hire

Betty Booths are extremely proud to show off our new beautiful Giant light up letters for hire.

The ‘LOVE’ letters have been hand crafted by a quality professional who manufactures for the event business.  We opted for these lights because they are so beautifully pleasing to the eye and they also match our Photo booth magic mirror with fairground style look.  Have a look at the oval O it’s perfectly formed and not squared off as are so many other sets.

The difference in our lettering to other letters on the market is the quality and overall look. The craftsmanship will show though and look fabulous in your photographs and perhaps as a background to the top table. The LOVE Letter bulbs can be hired with a warm glow or cool effect lamp so depending on the venue and effect you require the letters will stand out amongst the background.

The tech information: Each letter stands approx. 120cm tall by 90cm wide, is manufactured with a high gloss white finish and complete with a full back panel meaning you can pose behind them for photos without seeing the internal wiring etc. The sets incorporate low voltage LED lamps and so don’t get hot and don’t blow if a letter gets knocked over. The space required for the love letters is approx. 3.6m

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