The Enclosed Photo Booth

The enclosed oval shaped photo booth is oval shaped with seating for 4-6 people (can fit up to ten at a squeeze). The oval booth incorporates an 18 megapixel camera, fabulous beauty lighting and a white background to enhance the subject inside the booth. Prints are delivered within 10 seconds from pressing the print button on the 22” touch screen monitor. The layout of the camera to the seating and lighting ratio will give consistence shots every time and therefore the picture quality is to that of a fully-fledged photographic studio, fabulous for those hosts where quality and detail are most important. Suitable for the following with advantages as follows

• Weddings, Parties and Corporate events
• Private photo session : photos are taken behind the curtains
• Interactive 22” touch screen monitor and Live view as photos are being taken
• Filters: Colour, B&W, Sepia, Cartoon, Sketch and more
• HD video messaging
• Incredible booth software (optional)
• Social sharing MMS, Facebook, Twitter, Email
• Bespoke photograph from Betty Booth Catalogue

The enclosed oval shaped photo booth will take up a space of 2.5 metres x 1.5 metres with a ceiling height of 2 meters.

The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror can capture full-length photos and uses a reflective touch screen to spring into life.  The mirror incorporates the same high tech equipment as the enclosed booth, which is hidden behind the glass.

The Mirror plays a series of animations decided by you that can be customised according to the theme of the event for example Birthdays, Weddings and special occasions.

The Mirror looks great with its circus themed lighting around a gold rimmed frames, coupled with a red carpet and barriers there is a grandeur to it and its full length feature makes it a very glam affair.

Suitable for the following with advantages as follows

  • Weddings, parties and corporate events
  • Interactive fun themes and animations
  • Full length photos
  • Social sharing MMS, Facebook, Twitter Email,
  • Large groups of guests can be included in the photograph
  • Bespoke photograph from Betty booths Templates
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Its size makes it ideal for house parties or smaller spaces

The Mirror will take up approx. 1 metre by .5 metre space therefore needs

The Rustic Heart Photo booth

The Heart shaped booth is beautiful and sleek and packed full of the high technical equipment our customers expect. You may wish to add a beautiful background or leave the curtain having the venue as a background.
The Heart will be a great talking point as guests are unlikely to have seen this type of booth. Pictures can be taken near for selfies or stand back and bring a crowd into the picture the choice is yours. Prints will be delivered via the sub dye printer hidden amongst the wooden crates under the apples or roses depending on which item is chosen. If you would like to see the booth in action please click here. Suitable for the following with advantages as follows;

• Can be dressed to match the venue or theme of your party
• Vintage, Shabby Chic, Classy themed events for weddings, PROMS, parties and corporate events
• Open style with small footprint able to fit in smaller venues
• Fully interactive with Social sharing MMS, Facebook, Twitter or Email
• Large groups can be included in the pictures
• Variety of backdrops to choose from

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Social Sharing - The Future is Here!

Allow your guests to share the events fun instantly (WIFI permitting) across the main social media platforms.  Photos can be shared, liked and commented on by friends, family and co-workers within your media group.  Corporate clients can add value to their brand if the photograph is displaying the company logo.

Although we do not store private log in details we do have the capability to store and provide the email address, Phone numbers and public social media data during the session  this is useful for example  if you are using the booth at a fayre and wish to contact prospective new customers who have visited and used the booth.

If you are expecting a large amount of people why not add a sharing station this will enable guests to find and share their photos outside of the booth.  A great helping aid to keep the queues down

  • Highlight the social Buzz: share to Facebook, Twitter SMS and Email
  • Customisation: only require one platform? No problem,  we can add or omit accordingly
  • Keep the flow: for a small additional fee guests can share using our sharing station
  • Great for onsite data gathering
  • Secure sharing: each guest is logged out automatically after sending their image

Huge selection of props

Our prop boxes are guaranteed to add fun to your party, wedding or corporate event, in Essex, Suffolk or Hertfordshire. We boast a massive selection of props with hats, glasses, wigs, and word props signs to providing hours of fun, and are included in the package. If you require specific props for a themed event please let us know and we will be happy to source them for you.

Guest book / Photo album

Our guest book / photo album is a great keepsake for you to take home with you after the party and comes with your initial booking at no extra cost. The photo album is compiled by one of our operators at the event to ensure there are no gaps between pages and invite your guests to leave special notes for you whether personal, funny (or even cheeky). Please ask us about our guest books if you have any special requirements.

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