Betty Booths photo booths have a new edition to the family the Magic mirror photo booth or Selfie, as it is known.

We’ve tested it out; we’ve looked at the picture quality, the advantages of using the different kind of booths and most importantly we’ve asked the customer for their feedback.

If you are thinking of hiring a Photo booth or Magic mirror and cannot decides here are some pointers to help you


The technical talk

Both the Magic/Selfie mirror and enclosed photo booth use the high tech DSLR camera, sub-dye printer, Touch screen monitors and run on professional photo booth software

The difference between the bullet shaped booth and the Magic mirror photo booth

  • The Bulled shaped Enclosed Booth

The enclosed photo booth works with fabulous beauty lighting and a white background to enhance the subject inside the booth. The layout of the camera to the seating and lighting ratio will give consistence shots every time and therefore the picture quality is to that of a fully-fledged photographic studio. In addition the enclosed booth can print pictures in strips or postcard format, whereas the mirror can only print in postcard format due to the nature of the photo portrait setting and the limited prints available on the market. Betty Booths have a range of over 800 designs to choose from included in the price of hire for the bullet booth. The enclosed bullet shaped Booth looks fabulous and will take up a space of 2.5 metres x 1.5 metres with a ceiling height of 2 metres

  • The Magic Mirror photo booth

With the Magic Mirror environmental surroundings can sometimes cause some noise among the photos just as general photography, some of your shots may be slightly brighter or darker depending on the position of the guest if standing  too near or too far away from the booth. Don’t worry we always have a friendly booth operator to guide the guests in the best position


The Mirror booth looks great with its circus theme lighting around a gold-rimmed frame coupled with the red carpet and silver barriers there is grandeur to it and because of its full-length feature it’s a very Glam affair. One major attraction with the mirror is the number of guests that can be involved in the picture together, we’ve known of twenty subjects at once.
This booth is especially popular among the younger generation and is a great hit at PROMS. The mirror booth is smaller than the bullet shaped booth and requires less space

What you can expect with a Betty Booth hire enclosed or Mirror

  • All your images digitally loaded on a branded USB
  • A beautifully compiled guest book photo album full of a copy of the nights photographs with comments and gestures of love next to the pictures from the nights guests.
  • A password-protected gallery on our website and social sharing available the fun continues in the following days and weeks where guests can tag and share and take copies of the pictures.
  • Both types of booth arrive flat packed in tailored cases that they can easily be transported up stairs and round awkward corners.
  • Green screen
  • Matching counter for guests to lean on and sign the guest book.

Advantages of the Magic mirror photo booth vs the enclosed booth

  • Space

It’s a definite win here for the Magic mirror photo booth, if your limited for space the booth can take up as little as 1 meter square. In additional the mirror is wheelchair friendly and guests can manipulate the pictures. The mirror looks amazing against any setting with its beauty lighting features it stands out a mile coupled with our circus lighting LOVE letters the mirror will draw the guests eyes towards it. The mirror booth is perfect for house parties and venues where the space is limited.

  • Picture Quality

The enclosed booth is less intrusive but the picture quality is second to none. The enclosed booth has more features to it than the mirror and guests can choose to brand their prints with more choice than the mirror. There is also naughtiness to hiding behind the curtain and guests can surprise the host with crazy pictures taken in private unlike the mirror where guests are on show. In addition the enclosed booth is preferable for those guests who may be shy

  • Fun factors

Photo booths are all mega fun, but the Magic mirror photo booth takes it up to a new level. The combination of the novelty factor and the ability to sign the pictures always creates interest with guests but whichever you choose, fun is guaranteed!