There are quite a few differences between the photo booths services on the market. The differences can be attributed to age of the equipment and the business model of the owner and the staff.

You’ve done your browsing amongst the many mind blowing websites on the web and you’ve narrowed your choice down to three or four. Most sites offer a standard three hours hire, boast of the best equipment available, fantastic quality prints and enthusiastic operator’s etc. In reality: some booth hires are not what you expect in fact they are not booths at all but a photographer with a camera and a backdrop which is fine if that’s what you ordered but not if you were expecting a booth. Some photobooths will be managed by young inexperienced employees without people skills, aging equipment and sub-standard props or none at all (in one case we heard, the operator forgot to bring them!). We have heard of operators arriving without a photo book/guest album, taking numerous fag breaks and totally disinterested in managing the people flow through the booth. I hate to admit it but we regularly receive last minute bookings because a low budget booth has cancelled usually siting equipment failure , they don’t charge enough to be able to carry back up equipment or had they been offered more money elsewhere? (add unreliable to the list).

A simple explanation between a good experience and a great one could be attributed to cost. Many booths offer low budget alternatives, seemingly great bargains except they might disappoint on the night for the reasons above.

Photo booths are a fantastic addition to any event, they do provide many hours of fun and guests leave with a token of that fun in a print. The posing, belly laughs and prints are just one aspect of the fun, the photo album/guest book is a reminder to the host of the nights fun. The guest book is for the host to keep as a momentum of the events hilarity and funny memories and comments of the visitors.

How can you know if what you are ordering is going to give you an outstanding services and best quality pictures on the market. 1) DOES THE SITE HAVE A PICTURE OF THE BOOTH! 2) Recommendations Ask around, a recommendation from a respected colleague is always a good start? 3) Reviews Check out the reviews especially on social media where the owner of the site does not have any control over what’s posted, even better you can contact the author. If the media site does not have an option to leave a review be wary. Talk to the owners, are they responding to your queries in a timely manner are you satisfied with the answers your being given do they sound sane!

It’s in our best interest to give you the most fabulous service available. Betty booths continually update our equipment, train our operators and update our web and social media sites. We are professional yet affordable and we work hard to ensure you will receive the best photo hire. Remember you get what you pay for! Betty Booths operate throughout Essex, Suffolk and Herts.